Industrial Water Boiler For Central Heating

Industrial Water Boiler For Central Heating

Precautions gas boiler ignition 1, for gas-fired boilers, the time is not on fire, then it must purge the furnace flue and then only after a second firing. 2, in order to prevent a gas explosion, gas boilers require not only before the start of the boiler furnace and flue gas purging channel, and the need for a purge gas supply pipes. The gas supply duct purge medium is typically an inert gas (such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.), and the purge of the boiler furnace flue with a certain flow rate is the flow rate of air as the purging medium. Case 3, in the rear of the boiler did not take anti-corrosion measures or condensation water collection, etc., gas boilers should avoid long-term operation at low load or low-parameter case. 4, the combustion gas boiler adjustment process, to ensure the quality of the combustion, exhaust components must be detected in order to determine the excess air and incomplete combustion. Generally, the gas-fired boiler during operation, the carbon monoxide content should be less than 100 ppm, and at high load operation, the excess air ratio should not exceed 1.1 to 1.2; under low load conditions, the excess air ratio should not exceed 1.3.5 , fireman switch should always pay attention to the case of the gas valve. Gas line not leak, if unusual circumstances, such as the boiler room abnormal odor, not open burners, ventilation should be checked to exclude odor, check valve, the normal operation may be started up. 6, a gas boiler for liquid fuel with air, special attention should be ventilated boiler room. Because of severe liquid gases than air, in case of a leak can easily cause condensation of liquid and spread on the ground, resulting in a vicious explosion. 7, after a period of time or inspection line outage, when the single-column hydraulic machine into operation again, should open the vent valve, bleed time, deflation time should be determined according to the length of the pipeline and the gas species. If a longer boiler downtime, it should cut off the gas supply valve, close the vent valve. 8, the gas pressure is too low and not too high, to be run within the set range, the specific parameter provided by the boiler manufacturer. When the boiler running for some time, found that the gas pressure is below the set value, it is timely contact with the gas company, gas pressure if there is a change. Burner operation for some time, should be checked line filter is clean, as a lot of pressure drop, there may be too many impurities in the gas, the filter is clogged, washing should be removed, if necessary, replace the filter. 9, should comply with boiler manufacturers operating instructions provided by the manufacturer and the burner, and the description should be placed in a convenient place for easy, for inspection. There are exceptions, when not solve the problem, depending on the nature of the problem should promptly contact the boiler plant or gas company, to conduct maintenance by a professional maintenance staff. 10, shall comply with the relevant national gas. Not free to fire the boiler room, prohibited welding, gas welding and other operations in the gas pipe roadside.

Optional gas boiler market are closely combined, most of the material gas boiler is a boiler-tight manner, a sealed manner, in the insulation performance is projecting, generally several boiler through the connection hole, the insulation performance is not high, and in the selection of lead time, the overall effect of bad gas, or affected with many other reasons, followed by even understand the design of gas-fired boilers, boiler design is now also pay attention to the problem of raw materials.

Before a cooperation with the parties, we heard from other companies where fast boiler brand, saying it was so fast square product quality, use a long time, and after-sales service is also very complete. After the collaboration found that it really is a well-deserved reputation. This three boilers put into use, not only reduces emissions, while meeting the needs of normal heating, fuel input has also been reduced, as we save a lot of operating costs. --customer feedback

First, before starting the purge gas boiler normally, but misfire an insufficient amount of electricity anger: Check and repair the line 2, the solenoid valve burned, does not work (the main valve, an ignition valve): renewal 3, pressure instability : 5 to adjust the pressure to a predetermined value, the air volume is too large: with the wind decreases, the throttle opening is reduced two, normal pressure gas boiler, a misfire, the ignition transformer burned: 2 renewal, high voltage damage or loss: reinstalling or transducer 3, rod position relative sizes ignition gap is too large or too small: 4 readjust, broken or short-circuited to the electrodes: 5 to reinstall or renewal, inappropriate pitch: re-adjusted three gas-fired with 5 to 6 points after a second flame, pressure is low, the pressure drop is too large, too small gas flow: re-adjusting the air, cleaning the filter 2, the air volume is too small, incomplete combustion, darker smoke color: readjust 3, the air volume is too large, there white gas: readjust

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Industrial Water Boiler For Central Heating

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