Gas Fired Boilers And Furnaces Heating Cooling

Gas Fired Boilers And Furnaces Heating Cooling

Boiler then its on concrete steps are as follows: First, look at the fired boilers and furnaces heating cooling is oil or gas or coal-burning type, then, for auxiliary boilers, valves, instrumentation and safety accessories, check whether it is intact . Thereafter, the induced draft fan is open for ventilation, and then, for ovens and oven cooking operation. Meanwhile, combustion, a small fire after the first fire, and the first open to open the induced draft fan blower. In this way, the entire process can be completed well in Boiler.

Four combustion modes of fired boilers and furnaces heating coolingBoiler as an energy conversion equipment, plays a very important role in industrial production, can be said to be the core main force of production enterprises. I know the boiler, but it is estimated that most people do not know much about the combustion mode of the boiler. Today, our Fangkuai Boiler will take you to understand the four combustion modes of the boiler. It can be divided into suspended combustion, boiling combustion, layered combustion and gasification combustion. The following is one by one. First, suspension combustion, also known as fire chamber combustion, is a combustion mode in which fuel is injected into the furnace with air in the form of fog, powder or gas. Suspension combustion ignition is rapid, combustion heat The efficiency is high. It is easy to realize automatic operation. The adaptability to load variation is strong. And the adaptability to the fuel is also strong. However, this combustion mode requires a high level of operation, and should not run intermittently. Secondly, boiling combustion is a kind of fluidized boiling combustion of fuel in fluidized bed under the action of appropriate velocity of air. Boiling combustion is suitable for all kinds of coal, especially inferior coal, such as coal gangue. Stone coal, and so on, this combustion mode on the size of coal particles also have certain requirements. The coal mass must be processed and broken into particles with an average diameter less than 10mm during combustion. Delivered by coal-feeding equipment Enter the furnace. Third, layered combustion, also known as fire bed combustion, is a way of burning fuel in a certain thickness on the grate. This combustion mode is only suitable for solid fuels. However, there are certain requirements for particle size (6~50mm). Layered combustion can basically adapt to solid fuel. As long as the mixture of air and fuel layer is good, and there is a certain combustion temperature, the ideal combustion can be achieved. If the air and fuel layer do not mix well, or the local air supply is insufficient, the combustion will be incomplete and the combustion efficiency will be low. This type of combustion is generally used in chain furnaces. IV. Gasification combustion Gasification combustion mainly refers to gasification and direct combustion of coal put into furnace, and this combustion mode is not suitable for coal with low ash content. High-temperature gasification and staged combustion is different from ordinary gasification combustion. Its utilization principle is as follows: under the condition of oxygen, the fuel surface is heated with high-temperature heat source above 800 ℃, so that the fuel can be rapidly pyrolysis and gasification combustion from outside to inside. Part of the high temperature produced by combustion is then gasified at high temperature, and part of the fuel is discharged for work, thus forming a continuous high temperature gasification combustion reaction.

Gas-fired steam fired boilers and furnaces heating cooling safe operation Tidbits gas steam boiler safe operation Tips 1. The operator should be familiar with the structure and principles of the furnace and the production of basic requirements for thermal equipment, and constantly sum up experience in practice, control coal thickness, so that the full combustion reduce chimney smoke, protect the equipment in a safe, efficient operation. 2. The new oil furnace or restart long home, gas steam shall dehydration stage heating requirements. 3. export oil temperature should be set below 280 ℃, when the oil temperature exceeds 200 ℃, should pay more attention to temperature, oil temperature should slow down, only non-oil change and over-temperature operation. 4. close contact with production, timely and slow down the oil temperature, while meeting production requirements, taking oil lower, will help extend the life of gas and steam energy savings. The normal oil level: the lower tank oil level is low, high-high oil groove. This ensures that the emergency shutdown when cold oil replacement system and prevents air from entering the pipe. When the high slot in a low oil level should start to replenish gas steam injection pump. 6. The circulation pump is allowed outage in the operation of the burner, when the pump is failure or power outage, Fan stop, depending on oil temperature and take appropriate emergency measures: rapid opening valve 7, the cold head tank oil up through the furnace coils to the low tank. 8. Coal and wet coal hearth fire or discharge out of the furnace, non-water washed pouring furnace. These measures should be completed within 3 to 5 minutes, to prevent the high oil temperature coke deposits other accidents. 9. normal shutdown, the oil temperature should be reduced to below 100 ℃, stop the pump before. 10. When the outlet pressure differential below the set value, the induced draft fan should outage. Then there is a fault system, feedback should be immediately removed or, if necessary, should pressure fire outage. 11. fireman should stick to their posts, do a good job operating records and shift work, and regular inspection and maintenance equipment.

Recently, the Longhai carried out safety campaigns to the fired boilers and furnaces heating cooling, the campaigns start from the four directions, whether units in accordance with the boiler 'boiler safety practices "to use the correct boiler conducted a comprehensive inspection.

First, the unit register in a boiler boiler inspection. The use of units to crack down on unauthorized use of untested or failed the inspection of boilers.

Second, the units are equipped with a boiler if the security officer and fireman personnel. Focus on checking whether the use of units as required "special equipment operator assessment rules," the fireman with security personnel and staff to meet the requirements, and whether the person has made fireman fireman card.

Third, in the boiler unit will be the safety management system, emergency plans to check the system; and to convey the importance of this inspection in the boiler unit, raise awareness of security units.

Fourth, strengthen supervision of energy-efficient boilers, boiler and actively promote energy efficiency testing, at present, boiler energy efficiency testing has been completed a total of 112 units.

To date, the Longhai inspection operations were dispatched inspectors 209 passengers, checked boiler unit 136, check the boiler 168 units, eliminate safety hazards at 9, and urge the use of sealed units to enhance the energy efficiency of boilers 21 units.

And with the Commission by letter, and environmental protection departments to further promote the comprehensive upgrade of coal-fired boiler energy saving project, disable the coal-fired boiler 53 units, 34 units scrapped, replaced by raw material boiler fuel and natural gas fuel of a total of 40 units, is out of the city coal-fired boilers to make a positive response.

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Gas Fired Boilers And Furnaces Heating Cooling

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