Draw The Important Terms Of Steam Boiler Figur

Draw The Important Terms Of Steam Boiler Figur

It is reported that Jinjiang City of Fujian Province will be fully started tackling air pollution prevention and control work, Market Authority as a proactive, Take Measures to promote coal-fired boiler renovation work.

Market Authority through three initiatives to further improve the environmental air treatment Jinjiang City, Jinjiang create "blue sky": strict criteria, the better the mark.

Actively cooperate with environmental protection, by letter and other relevant departments, coal-fired boilers do not meet environmental policy, shall not start to inform, Supervision, Inspection and registration certificate for the use of strict coal-fired boilers access gateway, departmental interaction, ensure its effectiveness.

Strengthen communication and coordination with environmental protection, by letter and other related departments and Towns, a solid job of remediation coal-fired boilers, out of work.

Combined area of ​​gas supply, heating pipe network coverage, and vigorously promote the use of natural gas, electricity and other clean energy, and take the way government subsidies, coal-fired boiler to remove their push to ensure the prevention and control of atmospheric achieve results.

Step up publicity services in place. Organization of the market supervision area of ​​propaganda out of coal-fired boilers policy of the increase, according to the sense of service, "a visit to promote a" do a good job guidance subsidies, removal and cancellation of work, and guide to remove their coal-fired boilers, and required to apply for removal of cancellation.

The Indian customer needed a draw the important terms of steam boiler figur for the food plant, taking into account multiple sources and decided on a 6-ton szs gas steam boiler. The other party said that the boiler room occupied by the natural gas boiler is small in area, and the natural gas is transported by pipeline, which is very convenient to use. In addition, natural gas is a clean energy source that is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. Therefore, the other party is interested in a gas boiler.

When the enterprise receives the draw the important terms of steam boiler figur, for the normal use of the boiler and the self-safety of the enterprise operators, it must strictly abide by the "Safety production Law". Interim regulations on Safety Supervision of Boiler and pressure vessels relevant provisions of Safety Technical Supervision regulations for Steam boilers. These regulations shall apply to pressurized fixed steam boilers in water media, including coal-fired steam boilers, oil-fired steam boilers and gas-fired steam boilers. The factory that uses boiler should have corresponding technical certificate, technical document of installation boiler and construction quality attestation at the same time.

Steam and hot water boiler quality water hydraulic energy converter Henan fast boiler's steam introduce small series with the hot water boiler water quality and hydraulic energy converter can reduce the power loss of the main hot water boiler steam requirements are as follows: When a boiler rated evaporation greater than or equal 6t / h should be oxygen, less than the rated evaporation 6t / h of localized corrosion such as found in boiler feed water deaerator measures should be taken, with respect to the steam turbine for draw the important terms of steam boiler figur feedwater oxygen content should be less than equal to 0.05mg / L . 2, as determined when the dissolved solids is difficult, the conductivity measurement method may be employed or chloride ions (C1) controlled indirectly, but with the conductivity or dissolved solids and a ratio of a chloride ion (of Cl-) should be based on test determine. And should be regularly re-examination and revision of this ratio relationship. 3, the structure of all-welded boiler may control the relative alkalinity. 4, rated evaporation amount is smaller than 2t / h, and less than the rated steam pressure of steam boilers and hot water boilers soft drinks dual equal to 1.0MPa (such as steam, water quality no special requirements) may also be pot-treatment. But we must strengthen the supervision of scaling, corrosion and water steam hot water boiler, earnestly dosing, sewage and cleaning work. Thus, subject to the following two points: a, by making additional agent for pH control in the water pan 10 to 12. B, equal to 4.2MW power greater than the rated pressure hot water boiler feed water should be oxygen, less than the rated power of 4.2MW pressure hot water boilers and pressure hot water boiler feed water should be oxygen. 4, a direct current (cross-flow) outer pot boiler feed water should be used for chemical water treatment, the water quality in Table 1 is greater than the rated steam pressure is 1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa or less standard execution. Hydraulic energy conversion can reduce power loss First of all, from the power source - to consider aspects of the pump, taking into account the diversity of working conditions of actuators, sometimes the system needs high flow, low pressure; sometimes require small flow and high pressure. Therefore, selecting appropriate limited pressure variable pump, since this type of pump flow varies with system pressure. When the system pressure decreases, the flow rate is relatively large, to meet the rapid traverse actuator. When the system pressure is increased and a corresponding decrease in flow rate, to meet the working stroke of the actuator. This will not only meet the job requirements actuators, but also make the reasonable power consumption. Secondly, if the actuator has requested the governor, then in the choice of the governor circuit, it is necessary to meet the requirements of speed, but also to minimize power loss. Common loop speed control are: control Circuits, Volume Timing circuit, volume control Circuits. Wherein the power throttle speed circuit loss is large, low-speed stability. Speed ​​and volume of the circuit neither overflow losses, no throttling losses, high efficiency, but the difference between the low-speed stability. To satisfy both requirements, can be differential pressure variable pump volume and composition of the throttle control Circuits, and the pressure difference across the throttle valve as small as possible to reduce pressure losses.

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Draw The Important Terms Of Steam Boiler Figur

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